Richard & Linda Thompson The End Of The Rainbow An Introduction To Richard & Linda Thompson Thompson Линда Томпсон Linda Thompson инфо 9454e.

Содержание 1 The Poor Ditching Boy 2 When I Get To The Border 3 Withered And Died 4 I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight 5 Down Where The Drunkards Roll 6 The End Of The Rainbow аьугэ7 The Great Valerio 8 Hokey Pokey 9 Never Again 10 A Heart Needs A Home 11 For Shame Of Doing Wrong 12 Night Comes In 13 Beat The Retreat 14 Dimming Of The Day 15 Calvary Cross (Live) Исполнители Ричард Томпсон Richard Thompson Лбкюряинда Томпсон Linda Thompson.