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Oracle Disk I/O Tuning: Disk I/O Performance & Optimization for Oracle Databases (Oracle In-Focus series) monitoring segment I/O is explained инфо 6573a.

Covering all aspects of Oracle disk I/O tuning, this book explores disk performance, RAID management, Oracle data file performance, and Oracle data segment internals Also explored is physical disk I/O, whichаьфщн includes disk device internals, detecting disk bottlenecks, disk organization techniques, and disk striping and disk load balancing Highlighted are RAID and Oracle performance as well as techniques for effective use of RAID with Oracle Additionally, Oracle data fileбкясч internals are considered and how to use multiple data block sizes to detect and repair Oracle data segment bottlenecks and segment waits is described Oracle segment management is illustrated, and the effective use of Oracle segment partitioning, segment slot internals, and monitoring segment I/O is explained.

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